Saturday, October 15, 2005

What I’ve been listening to…

Haven't put a music update for a few days... Been listening to a wide variety of tuneage:
1) "Attention" by Gus Gus - I think Gus Gus are from Iceland and they make their own, unique version of electronica/house which is pretty brilliant at the right time. I found this album to be very good when grocery shopping for some reason. It is vivid and upbeat and joyful.
2) "The beyondness of things" by John Barry. I believe this album was written for the film "the horse whisperer" but was never used. John Barry quite rightly released the album anyway and I am so glad he did. It is a luscious piece of orchestration that is more that just background music. It is really chilled and the strings are magical - they remind me of James Bond films (which John Barry scored). I'm a bit iffy with the mouth organ... a wee bit too Americana for my taste but it is a great album to listen to while chilling. I love soudtrack music and am glad of the recommendation for the this album from Jim at my work - cheers Jim.
3) "Banned in DC" by Bad Brains - I love having an ecclectic taste and the polar opposite of John Barry's work is Bad Brains' work. They are hard and caustic and rough around the edges but their punk rock and reggae moves me. I had a chat recently with a Slayer fan (he was serving at the Asda checkout when I did the groceries) and he hadn't heard of Bad Brains. Imagine liking Slayer and not liking or even knowing about Bad Brains - the youth of today!!! They are the epitomy of hardcore and sound great when in a grumpy mood or driving.
4) "Future Ju Ju" by Black Jazz Orchestra - Had this album for a while... an old £1 bargain at Fopp. It is beautifully sculpted electronica / techno / afro jazz - some good tracks, some not so good... but it has soul and feeling, and can soothe as well as make you dance.
5) "Fi" by Bibio - Electronica in the Boards of Canada vein... subtle yet powerful. compelling to listen to and emerse yourself in. got a folk flavour with the use of guitars and instrumentation and this adds to the overall feeling of other-worldliness. I don't know why but it reminds me, at times, of Led Zepellin.

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