Thursday, October 13, 2005

Salling Clicker v3... now for Windows too...

One of my favourite little pieces of software is Salling Clicker - I have mentioned it before. I think it rocks... in fact it (texas horn salute...) R A W K S ! ! !

It has been updated to version 3 and now works with my K750i... which makes my phone even more valuable! It also shows the artwork of the song playing in iTunes which was the reason why I actually considered the P910 because it is such a cool feature.

Even better news is that Jonas has created the software to work for those people less fortunate than Mac users (smug Apple-ness alert) the poor individuals who have to deal with a lesser OS know as Windows. Look like it does everything it does for Mac but also allows you to control WMP.

Anyway, Jonas... well done!

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