Monday, October 03, 2005

Hard Work!!!

I'm not really used to hard work - I normally sit at a desk and use a computer, speak to folk on the phone, or present ideas in meetings or in larger groups. I'm not used to physical hard work - that's probably why I have a big, fat bum.

I'm Mum and Dad this week while my wife gets better. I have set 4 alarms on my phone - one to get me out my kip and the other three to remind me when to get the girls to/from nursery and school. Inbetween times, I cook and clean and hoover. I have also put 2 washings on, washed some dishes (rest are in the dish washer), walked the dog and dressed the we'ans (matching socks and hair done - proud of that). I have to say that I haven't done anything extra like my wife does - no garden or car or shopping - and I am knackered! Sweat-beads-on-my-brow knackered.

I have spoke before of how proud I am of my wife but I have to say it again... I am proud of her and now kind of appreciate the hassle I cause her when I dump my iPod and phones down and make a mess.

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