Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yes... Starbucks-isation is a word... it was used today by an MSP regarding the whole Watersons/Ottakers take-over malarky. Seemingly Starbucks is a baddie and is the by-word for monopoly and zero-choice. I wonder where that MSP got his coffee from this morning..?

I like Starbucks - I don't think there should be a Starbucks everywhere... like Buchanan Street where there are about 5 in a 5min walking distance. but I like them. I have had great conversations over good coffees, especially the units in Borders on Buchanan St & the Fort, with great friends. For that they are special.

However, I do think there should be variety and I personally enjoy coffee from Caffe Nero & Costa as well as Starbucks. I am also big on wee independents... but haven't found a good one in Glasgow (although I am still looking)

I think to use Starbucks as the by-word for bad is wrong. What about McDonaldsation? or the Asda-fication of our towns?

Starbucks provide a decent product and a standard of quality that is identifiable. You see Starbucks and you know you'll get a good coffee... simple. You also get great service and a friendly ambience that is refreshingly rare in today's busy marketplace.

Maybe the MSP was watching Austin Powers or something? You know, the bit, I think in the second film, where Dr Evil has taken over Starbucks. Probably did that because McD's would have sued.

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