Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ignition vs. Indifference

Had a coffee today with a very close friend. He is Motherwell's no. 1 supporter and should be on commission for all the business he's drummed up for the mighty 'Well from the folk in our church.

We were talking about the lack of support we sometimes feel when we try new things in the church. I had this observation - the majority of people in our church are indifferent to new ideas. What this means is that they will not allow any harm to come to us - they won't deliberately block, hinder or harm the idea but they won't tacitly support it either. They will stand on the edge of the playing field and watch indifferently as other "early-adopters" (to use geek-speak) get involved. They will not get involved or invest their passion until they believe the idea is a "goer".

What we need is for ignition - for more people to be on fire and ignited for God and for new ideas. We need to shorten the time for indifference. We can only do this by bringing more people with us - by creating and maintaining a greater critical mass of people. This can only happen, in turn, if we focus on the gifts God has given us and give people the opportunity to try new things with the freedom to make mistakes.

We need to realise that although the message stays the same, the medium can and will change.

Oh and the coffee was lovely in Costa in the Virgin Megastore at the top of Buchanan St. It is a great, kind of out of the way, place for a chat. They don't do Gingerbread Lattes though...

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