Friday, October 07, 2005

My wife is getting better... slowly x2

My wife is slowly recovering... She has been in bed pretty much all week. Head and earache... Feeling sick... I am not used to seeing my Queen so low. She is the strong one.

I have to say being mum is fun and stressful in equal measure... Did the groceries yesterday and overspent by £12. Grocery shopping is hard work. Trying to get the best deal without buying stuff you want rather than need all the time is hard... oh and trying to dodge the vicious old duffers with their moustaces and tweed hats and personal vendettas against baggy-jeaned iPod users (maybe I'm paranoid but at least one of them was gunning for me... clipped my heel a couple of times... glad I was wearing my Pro-Keds and not my Premium Air Trainer 1s... would have swung for him if that was the case :-) metaphorically speaking, of course...)

Anyway, the checkout girl was lovely - really nice and empathetic - kind of ideal for a checkout and yet probably a talent wasted... and I survived.

I worry about my wife but I have to say the support in visits, phonecalls, emails, cards and texts have been brilliant... Its nice to know when you are loved...

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