Sunday, October 02, 2005

My wife is getting there...

My wife got out of surgery on Friday and was pretty groggy... must be all the temazapan and morphine. I stayed with my wife until 2100hrs-ish.

I went home and spent some time with my friends - appears my girls had a ball, which I am glad of, and made cakes and played puppets.

The following day (Saturday) I slept in a bit and had to rush to pick my wife up - got there aboout 1000hrs-ish. The difference in my wife was noticable - she was bright and was actively trying to eat and drink. I am so proud of her - she is really going for it and won't let it beat her. In fact she did say "I've had worse tonscilitis" which is the fighting talk I love.

My parents took the girls for afternoon, which was great.

Today, however, things appear to have gotten worse again. She is in a lot of pain and hasn't slept particularly well. I am a heavy sleeper and am annoyed that I couldn't be woken.

My wife's folks are going to take the girls today so my wife can get some peace and I can get the place ship-shape.

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