Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I don't walk enough. I should but I don't. I walk to the train station (Motherwell has a great station for commuters like me who travel into Glasgow...) and sometimes walk Pippin... but otherwise, I jump in the motor like everyone else.

My car went in for a service & MOT yesterday and it failed - £500 worth of failed... I have to wait until today to get it delivered (no courtesy car... even after I explained about my wife and the we'ans... best Parks could do for me is deliver my car) This has meant that I have had to walk. Pick my youngest up from nursery / pick my oldest up from Primary / walk them there this morning / collect them again today etc. It is also why I realise I don't walk enough - I am knackered!

I have my girls company which is sweet - really enjoying being with them. I also have my iPod - been listening the Engineers album - beautiful and atmospheric / almost chilled for a "rock" album. I may also benefit physically from the exercise - I hope my girls do to.

So... while I am off... caring for my wife who is still unwell and now on cocodemol (which makes her dizzy)... I am going to try to walk more with my girls.

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