Sunday, February 26, 2006

BBC3's (silly genre alert) World Music Awards

I like music... in fact, I L O V E music... For me there is only 2 types of music... great, rumpshakingly bootilicious tunes and dross rubbish... I have a soft spot for (silly genre alert) WORLD music and actively seek out fab tunes from throughout the globe. BBC3 (radio not TV) give (silly genre alert) WORLD music a ton of respect and is a great place to hear something special. Their annual awards are an interest guide to the movers and shakers in the (silly genre alert) WORLD music scene.

A big g'on yersel goes out to one of my top ten favourite artists - Nitin Sawhney. He won the "Boundary Crossing" category for his fab album "Philtre". "Beyond Skin" is in my top ten favs and "Philtre" moving up in my love.

Disappointed to see M.I.A. didn't win the "Club Global" category but glad she got the coverage that "Arular" deserves.

Anyway, check out the BBC3 site for more info on the awards and all the artists involved: Link

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