Monday, February 20, 2006


I love it when someone trusts me with someone/ something precious... Last night our friends Bobby and Diane came over for croisants and coffee... We had a blast... Real, geniune, heartfelt conversation and interaction... Bobby & Olly jammed on their guitars - sweet. Bobby then left me his 2gb black nano for a wee play - he told me to reset it and fill it with tunes (which I would obviously remove prior to returning it to him) Unfortunately, I am a member of the chosen few and would have had to turn the Nano from the Empire (Windoze) to the Alliance (Apple)... This was not something I could do incase it knackered it when we tried to turn it back. Shame...

However, it is a wonderful feeling to be trusted with something precious and I thank Bobby for the loan of his Nano. Real sign of friendship - reminds me of the Soos and his generousity with his Discman (approx 10 years ago... but still remembered!)

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