Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Received some fantastic encouragement from one of my close friends... Bobby, the chap who plays a mean guitar in the Alpha band sent me this note:


Last week at Alpha had a bad effect on me, I was really flat after Monday I felt really strange at work on Tuesday, and by Wednesday I was absolutely scunnered.

But I read your blog Jan 10th and something you make mention off caught my interest and it set me off thinking.

At the house group on Wednesday this subject was raised and I was able to share a very personal thought with the group, a thought I have not been able to discuss freely before. Unfortunately this kind of hijacked the plan for the evening, but I feel a huge weight has been removed from my shoulders, and I am now gladly back on the right tracks.

I thought I would tell you this Thomas as this is a direct result of your blog, I wonder how many other people reading your blog are touched by what I feel is the Lord speaking through you and your thoughts.

In closing Thomas I look forward to tonight's Alpha with renewed vigour and direction, and once again being in God's presence and among friends with the same mindset.

I know you are having a bad time right now but in the words of the song 'it can only get better' Keep smiling Thomas you are our inspiration.

WOW!!! Love you, man! Thank you for your encouragement! Bobby and Dianne, his wife and our great friend too, have been a tremendous encouragement and its good to give back. They are the couple who gave me a card that sits on my desk:
Don't hurry God. The problems that we think may drown us today could be the stepping-stones to greater spiritual strength tomorrow.
Max Lucado

This card keeps me strong! Thank you!

Anyway, I don't want to go all Gwyneth here but thanks are due (in no particular order) to Olly, Bobby & Dianne, the Soos, Big "D", and Janey & Rosco; for your ongoing support for the Nanolog. Love you all!

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