Friday, February 17, 2006

Great British Design Quest

Check out the Great British Design Quest. They are now down to the top ten as voted by Joe and Jeany Public. Great to see the interweb, the Mini, and Lara Croft in the top ten! However, its F A N T A S T I C ! to see my man, the Soos' game, GTA in the top ten.

Now before you get all righteous about how GTA is B A D ! ! ! Let me explain a little known fact about GTA - you can be good. Being good by driving an Ambulance, for example... You see GTA is life - you can CHOOSE to be good or bad... but hey, being good doesn't really sell papers or win lawsuits or make politicians fatter, does it??? As for the whole Hot Coffee thing... well that was just stupid.

Anyway, rant over... G'on yersel Rockstar North!!!

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