Thursday, February 23, 2006


Don't really do ties anymore... work is a wee bit more relaxed - khakis/ shirts/ Clarks/ jumpers... but the way my work is going I may need to get back in the Tie Game (oi... not that kind of tie game!!!).

Cool Hunting has run a couple of articles on cool ties - top is a skull patterned tie from J. Press (link) which I like - its punk and subversive yet says corporate... sweet!

I also LOVE the other tie - its the "Commuter" tie by Thomas Pink (link) and has a pocket on the back to hold a Nano or Shuffle and a wee loop to help keep the headphones under control. OMGoodness - almost makes me want to wear a tie again!!! I mean, how cool is that!?! Do you think SP&S will start doing Nano pockets for SA uniform ties??? Check them out and if you wear a tie to work... support their innovation.

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