Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday afternoon into Saturday morning...

Wow… Where do I start? Just had a wonderfully productive half-day… Arrived in Auld Reekie at 1300hrs… Meandered down to Ryan’s Bar (beside Frasers on Princes St) to meet Paul T aka DJ Haggis aka weebeautifulpict… took some great photos – new set on Flickr called “Edinburgh 06”… check them out…

Anyway, met up with Paul – he is wee and a pict but the beautiful part had to be explained :| Ryan’s was way too busy so guess where we went – Starbucks – I should have shares in them...! We had a fantastic discussion for approximately 2 and a bit hours… on what God is doing in Scotland and in particular Edinburgh. The analogy of Lazarus was used – Europe, the friend of Jesus, is dead… and is waiting for Him to say “rise up”… Tremendous! Its not about revival of the Christian “empire” but a new creation – like the butterfly coming out of the chrysalis…

I got a flavour for what he does – he connects people with people and funding to plant grassroots saint-led efforts. Wow! We talked about his theory of Scotland that makes a lot of sense – I will post it as soon as I have deciphered my notes… We talked about club culture and his recording work… and generally chewed the fat as if we’d been mates for years…

I then met up with Big D – I popped into his shop and tried not to look too dodgy… He works too hard for little thanks… It was great to touch base because I think he is looking at another Sunday at the shop, which is just stupid and unsustainable – watch yourself, man!

I then meandered over to the Soos’ place of employment… via Fopp and John Lewis of course… Took a couple of photos of a bridge between the St James centre and a carpark – its way dodgy (must be a millennium project) and I got my funky vertigo feeling...

Hooked up with the Soos and did a wee bit of shopping… well, the Soos did – I just encouraged him ☺ He loves his Louis Vitton… so much so that he is on “hiya” terms with the staff… Dude bought a sweet LV case for his Nano. Its sweet but has a design defect – it assumes the headphones go it the top!!! Its not really a problem but I noticed it and, for the money, you get these thing right! But the Soos loves it and that’s all that matters! I love the fact that the Soos has a very expensive LV case and I have a hand-made £1 case and yet we are both equal… The Soos does the bling but not the pretentiousness that usually goes hand-in-hand… Love that!

After a wee look in Harvey Nics, we headed back to the Soos’ flat and chilled – PS and Dunc came round and we went for food at my fav place in Glasgow – Sushiya… but they were full. So we headed over to Cuba Norte for a wee beverage. Met up with youngest Soos and his Lone Gunmen pal, Phil of the Future! Sweet. After a good blether, we headed back to Sushiya for some sushi and ramen. Food is so good there… it’s the bomb.

After a great feed, we headed over to Henry’s Cellar Bar for the Boogaloo Bothy night – the event Paul T had briefed me on earlier in the day. Chris da Funk was on first and was playing some cool tunes with his acoustic guitar and effects… aided and abetted by a dude on bongos.

The Ruffness were on next who play lovely instrumental ska-influenced funk – reminded me of the instrumental stuff the Beasties did on Hello Nasty. I have to say they were brill… Got the crowd skanking which was sweet to see.

A DJ then tied things up between 0100ish and 0230hrs when we left… Sweet French housey beats… Got my posse going.

Conversation flowed and was varied… My friends are open to my faith and love and respect me for me… which is great and tremendously liberating.

Great evening... I haven't had enough sleep and I missed my Lady and my we'ans... but it was worthwhile.

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