Friday, February 17, 2006

GanttProject v2.0

Thanks to Lifehacker for the heads up on this... GanttProject is a free, open source project management tool that works on MacOSX (as well as windoze and Linux). I use MS Project at work and have always wondered what I would do if I went freelance... I'm not going to buy a ThinkPad (only wintel machine I dig) just for Project and Visio... and I'm not convinced with Virtual PC. GanttProject could be a gift from Heaven... and I'll have a wee play with it tonight to see.

So, anyway, if you rock the Mac and need a project management tool that runs native but can import/ export MS Project files then check it out: Link

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Studgie said...

hi thomas,

sorry its stuart. i was just messing about so i could get a login id to send you a comment. i meant to remove that

was want to just advise you an olwyn and the family that i passed all 3 of my thanks for your thoughts and prayers...

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