Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pac the Man X

My wife R A W K S ! ! ! when it comes to Pacman... She has madskills that I can only dream it online, with the GBA or the PS2... she got it! Previously I linked to an online Pacman that was scratching Olly Pacman itch... well... the lovely people at McSebi(dot)com have a MacOSX version of Pacman aka Pac the Man X available for FREE!!! Check it out - it is a fantastic game... they do other retro games like Puzzle Bobble that you, unfortunately, need to buy (s'pose they have mouths to feed etc) but judging by the quality of Pac the Man X... I may have to stump up the $20.

Check it out: Pac the Man X - unfortunately, this is only for people who rock the Mac.

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