Saturday, February 18, 2006


Dear Tom .

Devine Greetings,How are you,hope you are keeping healthy,permitte me to ask you if you are a fulltime minister,is your ministry registered into humaniterian activities. Let me hasten to introduce myself as Mr,Saeed Ahmed a merchant in the republic of Togo.

I was married to Mrs abigail Ahmed a (singaporean) former director of singapore Regional Training Institute before she died along with our only son in Indonesia on holidays occasioned by the tsunami wave disaster of 26th December 2004. Their body was not found (God knows best).and to him alone shall all flesh return.

I could not travel with them because I have liver cancer as the doctors placed me on medications. Before this sorrowfull inccident,I deposited (u.s $9.3 million) with a Security Company here in the republic of Togo, with my son's name as the next of kin. As God may have it,I was diagnosed of liver cancer, and the doctors said I have just few months to live.

In view of my condition, and the fact that I have nobody to leave this money behind for, knowing fully well that my extended family are after my life,just because my late wife susceeded in converting me from islam to christianity above all they beleived on what the doctor told them that I'm not going to survive the illness,they now concluded in their heart that there is no need for them to be wasting money on me.

I decided to donate this money to either a living Church or a humaniterian organization/religious organization that will use this money in propagating the gospel and also taking care of the orphans,widows, and the needy generally.( 2Cor: 4:6-18-17 ).By so doing,I would have susceeded in immortalising the names of my late wife and my only Son.

Beloved,though I am sick and diying,I am not afraid of death because I know where I am going.My soul has found a resting place in the handsome bossom of the lord.Who shall seperate us from the love of christ?shall tribulation,or persecution- -- -Rom 8:28-38 vs 35 As soon as I receive your reply,

Beloved,if my inner spirit has led me well, i need to hear from you, i need to know you better, possible invite you so that we can develope proper intimacy after which I will then give you the contact of the Security Company and all the documents that would warrant the transfer of the money to you.Please understand that this massage requires urgency as my ill-health demands, any delay in your response will give me room to contact other person,I also want an assurance that you will use this money for the purpose I have stated here.

Be warned that the security company does not know the real contents is money as it was registered as personal effects.When I was depositing the money I told them that the contents is computer accessories for security reasons.Please be kindly enough to call me on this telephone number below for better understanding.I have all that you will need for proper clearifiaction. waiting for your urgent response.

Remain blessed
Bro,Saeed Ahmed.
Direct phone+228 999 2091.
No one calls me Tom!!!

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