Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Headphonaught's hardthought

I've started a new blog...
I received some coaching today from my boss at work. He made a comment that it is time for some hard thinking. My dreams will remain flights of fancy if I don't do some pragmatic hard thinking to make them happen.

I am going to devote this new blog to my hard thoughts - research and collect ideas that will make the difference when I finally take hold of my dreams. To solidify into reality the very things that I believe I am called to make happen.
I want to make my dreams happen! I want to plant a coffeehouse community of faith... I want to start a T-Shirt company... I want to support Olly's singing and fund a CD...

Now it is time to stop dreaming and start doing... I will use this new blog (http://www.hardthink.blogspot.com) to record all the steps in this journey. Please support me...

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