Friday, February 17, 2006

Jesus wept

Jesus wept...
John 11:35 (New International Version)

I'm on the Glasgow Central Fellowship's mailing list and thought this was a fab thought from Laurie MacKinnon...
Everyone suffers at one time or another in life don’t they? We live in a world that (though few ever admit it) wants to see your suffering and either glorify it or extend suffering longer than it should. Why is there this incessant trying to bring people down by clever words and only to complain when it returns ten fold?

What is this all about? Do we really have to put up with it any longer? Is it possible to break this cycle that will continue until the people in the world implode because of the growing hatred everywhere? Is there hope?

The shortest verse in the Bible above says so much to be at this moment. I think it is at the heart of what Jesus was about. He cried. I would like to point out a few things...

First in this statement I think it is clear that it is OK not only for men to cry but it is a healing mechanism given us by God that I have used many times and everyone can.

Second, the Bible talks of His anguish over people in Jerusalem, I think a major factor of that anguish is the way they treated each other.

And third if we get to a point of crying (or feeling like crying) over situations that other people are in or what has happened to them then our prayers and actions will begin to turn the tide on all this hatred and all this selfishness.

Jesus came to earth to bring freedom, true freedom, and people need it!

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