Thursday, June 14, 2007

Busy busy in netlabel land

Loads of tunes have dropped in netlabel land very recently...

First off... this mix is kind of old, but wonderful nonetheless... In Vitro has created a beautiful sound collage of some great ambient electronica that is worthy of an hour of your time. Well curated and mixed for a continuous stream of consciousness. Lovely.

Next up we have the follow up to Electronica Unplugged from aerotone :: The imaginatively titled Electronica Unplugged 2 is a tremendous follow up to the first album with some great tracks. Here's what they say...
A second chance for acoustic influenced electronica (or the other way round?). "Electronica unplugged 2" is a collection of 10 tracks, by 10 artists which shows a slightly different side of netaudio these days. It is probably just a part of the start to different genres in free audio. We hope so.
I certainly hope so... loving these compilations! The musicianship is second-to-none and a wonderful sub-genre that is quickly becoming special to me. Loving Bersarin Quartett and BalĂșn. If you like music that's leftfield and overflowing with new ideas then you need this comp on your iPod... or in your car.

While we are over visiting aerotone they have another fantastic release... Bluebridge Quartet's Adjusted for low noise tape EP is a wonderful selection of nu-jazz from Sweden. Here's what they say...
A live recorded EP wich focuses on instrumental playfulness, dynamics and moods. 20 minutes of wanting something different without removing the core of music. Vibrating and organic tunes carried out by the warmth of analog taperecording and instruments.
Loving it. Its the sort of thing GP would be seriously pimping on Worldwide. So much so... its revived my passion for nu-jazz. Simply wonderful.

Heading back to a more ambient flavour... apollon's metabelief on Earth Monkey Productions is an album of dark, haunting ambient sculptures. Apollon utilises retro techniques, tape looping, found sound and percussion to form cut up these soundscapes. From what I've heard its a great collection of tracks... although you need to be in the mood for it. Was a wee bit hesitant with the dark ambience title... but am enjoying it so far. Its dense and rich like a great espresso.

Lastly, sutemos have dropped another bomb from 3tronik ((the chap who's first release k0ma prog3ct kicked the label off...)) Anpassung is glitchy and beepy and jumpy... just the way I like it. Sure, as they say, IDM is no longer something exclusive...
IDM is no longer some kind of musical phenomenon. It is also no longer a choice of only devoted musical gourmands. This kind of music has already become a competent musical genre which even has allusions to pop music at some occassions.
...especially with Boards of Canada being used on TV. But I love it... and this album from 3tronik is good.

What makes sutemos releases extra special is they additional artwork...
The music of 3tronik was always concurrent with photos of Laurent ver Alleman (aka MDG). This synthesis of two forms of art has enchanted us from the very first moment we encountered it. Even three years later I still have these French noisy, warm sights full of 3tronik's music. This time we didin't really want to anything else but his art.

Let me know what you think... Leave a comment or something.

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