Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trip to Croydon... Sunday

The Lord's Prayer (in wood)

Sunday was a pretty hectic day down in Croydon. Didn't get much sleep but that's my fault.

The morning meeting was led by Sam Ritchie who spoke on Luke 4 and was inspirational as usual.

Booth Road

Afterwards the intention was for both bands (Bellshill and Croydon) to head to the main shopping centre for an open air. The weather beat us... it was just too wet for a march, which was really downheartening... it would have been an awesome experience and an important one too - we need to be out and about... and not imprisoned by our property.

This gave us longer, however, at Johnny & Janet's... although Janet came down with a migraine (get better, pal). I have expressed already how wonderful it was to chill with Mia and Noah... and watch Spongebob with them.

Bellshill Salvation Army Band

Both bands played in the afternoon... with Bellshill leading a "concert" followed by a Salvation meeting led by Bobby Lawson. Good times for what they were.

After that it was time to go. The generousity of Johnny and Janet was wonderful... as was the warmth of the people I met while down there. I am also grateful for the welcome and acceptance I received from the Band - I was a "hanger-on" afterall - and felt part of the experience.

Pitstop on the way home

The trip home was long and arduous... and I am sorry to Olly for my grumpiness due to lack of sleep and an uncomfortable busride. We got home around 0400hrs and went straight to bed.

I have to say, on behalf of Olly and myself, that this weekend could not have happened without Janey! She looked after Dayna, Miriam and Pippin... even taking the girls to school on the Monday to allow us to sleep on. Thanks sister... well beyond the call of duty and greatly appreciated.

All in... the Band did themselves and Bellshill proud... but most importantly they did it for their Lord and for the right reasons.

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