Saturday, June 16, 2007

More busy busy in netlabel land

Not long after I posted the previous post... I discovered MORE new netlabel tunage...

First off... we have another fabulous compilation from 1-bit wonder entitled Celebration Compilation 3 - tons of minimal techno, dubby vibes and deep listening electronica. Sounds great on the iPod in rush hour. Here's what they are saying about it...
It took us a long time to get this collection done, but finally we have a new compilation! And again, it's a perfect cross section of the sound of 1bit. Starting with pumpin' minimal tech the journey continues via dub and funk to reach its end with beautiful electronica and rough blues sounds. Old faces meet new artists - great talent joining the 1bit family. Have a listen and join us in looking forward to another year of 1bit sounds!
Favs so far include Juno6 and Frank Molder - need to give it more time... but I like what I hear so far.

Next up we have the Clicktrack compilation from Aplinechic - this is way more diverse that the i-bit comp and has a real "soundtrack" feel to it. More vocals too... which are always welcomed. It varies from the indie guitar and violin work of my eve proposal through the electronic rock of le zero and Mr Soul via an 80's acid vibe from Severin 24 and Piquet (great to hear the 808). Diverse and valuable as a soundtrack to your life.

My pal awx from Lithuania keeps me abreast of any Suetmos releases... while scouting out his blog... I cam across another netlabel :: Kyoto_Digital and recognised a couple of names on their roster from the Flow.ers compilation from Suetmos - I recommend the dubby electronica of Xoki and Hieronymous - releases 5 and 6 respectfully are tremendous... downbeat electronica with lazy dub sensibilities. Lovely.

More for your iPod... No need to steal music when all this great music is available for free. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

dang - all these tune and no new show for OrangeNoiseRadio?
Oh well - maybe I need to get my act together and put together a show.
There's talk of a talk show coming if nothing else.

Dirtybird Rexx said...

Yep, Suetmos is goooood. Nice blog this one.


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