Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Porpoise Diving Life

Thanks to Mr Andrew TallSkinnyKiwi Jones for pointing me in the direction of the Porpoise Diving Life and I have to say I like what I read so far...
There are millions of people on this planet who are never going to buy and read The Purpose Driven Life authored by an avowed U.S. evangelical preacher. Like I've said a number of times publicly, I've read the book three times and have been blessed by it. The Porpoise Diving Life is NOT a dig at the other book. It is a work that moves beyond purpose-driven, as evidenced by our lives, and the millions of others, like us, who don't swim within the purpose-driven safe harbors where many have come to reside in the seas of faith.
I thought it was a mickey-take... some satire of the whole corporate-christian thing... but it isn't and I welcome it as a breath of fresh air.

When I was reading the prologue... I really connected with this:
Know what? These notions floating around about being in the know have led Christianity to a place where we have succumbed to belief that we’ve finally arrived at the ledge…the end of the road. I call it the know-ledge. It’s a destination where we stand perched atop a vantage point, triumphantly gazing out across the vast expanse of history, the present, and the future and proudly proclaim, “We’ve made it! Our present position resting atop the summit of the know-ledge precipice places us in a very precarious position. We stand in one place admiring our surroundings and ourselves while the kingdom we were sent to serve in love burns beneath us. We’ve petered out. Heaven help us!
When I consider my tradition... and my past... I have always been surrounded by people who think they are there. But I believe faith to be a journey... we are growing... changing... dare I say evolving... through God's grace and His resurrection power. We can't stand still... and we should never want to!

I'm going to spend the next 40 days... or so... and follow Bill Dahl's book. Anyone want to join me?

Bill - Thank you for this!

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You're most Welcome!

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