Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone is here (well... in the USofA)

More iPhone
Originally uploaded by iLounge

The iPhone is finally released in the USofA... and the media are going daft.

It wont be over here in Blighty for 6 months or so... and will be priced out my league... but boy does it look nice and I'm getting all coveteous.

Thanks to my fav iPod blog: iLounge for the fab unpacking pics on Flickr.


Read Phil Laeger's comments regarding the iPhone :: iGod :: on point! [Thanks to Dan for the heads-up]


caldjr said...

sorry to say, Phil Laeger has one although he appears to be avoiding the covetousness of it - so far! Check out here (scroll down a bit for the relevant post)

Stewart said...

I don't get it... well I do cause it looks great and the music and video functionality looks brilliant BUT no 3G? The internet must be SO slow. What a shame. I hope they fix that before the release it here.


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