Saturday, June 16, 2007

Staple Design on Behance

Great to see the Staple Design team on Behance. Big fan of Jeff Staple's work and its good to get an insight into how he knits his team together. Here's some thoughts...
There are a few tips and tricks he’s picked up over the years:

* "Having a properly working syncing system between your PC and Handheld PDA is VITAL."

* "Your contacts and appointments must be identical between your PDA and your PC. If you're not using a PDA, you're slightly behind the game. If you're not syncing, you might as well as be using a Franklin or Post It notepads."

In addition, there are three lists he has on him at all times:

* "HAVE TO" is basically a priority list. Stuff he MUST do, mostly work related things. Examples he provides are "fedex this," "pay this," "fire him," "hire her," etc…

* "SHOULD DO" includes things that Jeff would like to TRY to do, things that would probably help his life and business, but are not urgent and lack deadlines (i.e., Backup PCs, order more promotional items, etc...).

* "WANT TO" includes personal things that Jeff aspires to do or accomplish someday, examples might include “see a chiropractor, get a colonic, check out the Vitsoe line, buy Shoe Goo."
Sweet. Read the rest here and throw Behance into your Google Reader... its a great read.

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