Saturday, June 02, 2007

Energ-III-ze 2007 - people


Olly and I spent the day in Govan for the second annual ENERG-I-I-I-ZE conference - a gathering organised by the West of Scotland division to inform, inspire and involve the people within the division. I will blog my thoughts on the main speakers that I experienced... this post is about all the wonderful people there.

People like...

Bobbito & Diane
Bobby and Diane

Olly & Jon
My life... and my good mate Jon.

Our old friends... Liz and Ian Pye.

John, Ally & Joanne
John, Ally and Joanne.

David Robertson
David Robertson from Nottingham Arnold Corps

Chick Yuill
The unstoppable Chick Yuill... and

Simon & Betty
Simon and Betty

To name but a few... its great to catch up with friends from Kilmarnock, Cumbernauld, Motherwell, Dennistoun, Greenock and other parts of the West of Scotland division. Its fantastic to see my pals from the gathering too. Good times!


Anonymous said...

yeah it was a good day, as these events generally are. I got alot out of it. The one bad thing about these days is they tend to turn my ideas upside down...which is always a pain.

Laura Whispering said...

Super Simon! haha, so many familiar faces

Johnny said...

Good to see Chick.

If you haven't done so already, you should check out his new "Others" book.



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