Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mo' stuff from the 'tinterweb

Jack Cheng has a great idea for a space:
What if there were a cafe where you could write on almost anything? Walls could be covered with chalkboard paint or even post-its../

/..Imagine paper tablecloths, paper plates, blank paper cups (all made from recycled material, of course)

/..The trays could be dry-erase boards, and, depending on which beverage or snack you ordered, you’d get a different-colored pen or marker. It’d be an awesome place for a brainstorm session or a writer looking for some inspiration.
What a genius idea! Thanks Jack... Another blog to follow.

Another genius idea... this time from Paul Saffo who has, in an enterprising fashion, created a leather cover for my fav notebooks. Tremendous. How long before it goes into production??? Hope its soon. Thanks Paul... Another blog from Google Reader.

Something is brewing in Sony HQ... with Odo...
As for the hand turnable generation of electricity digital camera, the kinetic engine (manual generation of electricity) due to those which are displayed as one of the product proposition project “odo”. The kinetic engine is merchandised with the power source which generates electricity with the operation such that being the hand, it turns the crank, with hand turnable charge radio “ICF-B01” of the same company.
(Taken from a google translation...)

Basically it show some fab "kinetic" (ie wind up) products like the sweet camera above. The future is here.

One of my fav bands... Sigur Ros have worked in conjunction with A+R (Artist in Residence) to create a 32 page book full of original photography and interviews. Looks fantastic. Ultra limited edition too with their back catalogue in vinyl. Nice touch.

Lastly... ETSY rocks... Loads of fab handmade stuff... Hoping to set Olly up with a wee shop there. Fab!

A ton of stuff to get your teeth into... thanks to notcot and Russell Davies for the heads-up where appropriate.

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