Saturday, June 09, 2007

Puma's Urban Mobility

I am loving this bike from Puma - its got some sweet design... 8 gears... it folds down... unique locking mechanism... even a racing grill for true ET moments. Nice!

While there... I noticed a BAG section... and you know me and bags... Particular favourites include the Urban Grocery Bag which looks suspiciously like something my mum used to have... except cool (not saying my mum isn't cool or anything...) I like this - its great for groceries and saves on poly bags.

...and the Utility Shopper Bag aka a mantote:

Nice collection. Some really useful, practical and forward thinking designs. More please!

BTW... is it me or are men using totes more and more??? Beats a poly bag any day of the week.


Stewart said...

Like the bike... bit steep at £800 though!

As for the urban grocery thing... my gran had one of those!!! It was tartan.

Johnny said...

I had the same thought, Stewart!! :-)))

You've been seduced, Thomas! ;-)


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