Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stuff on the 'tinterweb

Both Olly and I are down with the cold... Olly is worse than me - splitting headache etc... I'm not as bad... except when I'm coughing up a lung... but hey when life gives you lemons (or in this case a cold) you turn it into a fun game whereby I guess the pantone shade of green!

Anyway... found some stuff on the 'tinterweb that may be of interest...

The hype around the iPhone is getting pretty mental... found this unofficial iPhone ad here - its well made and demonstrates the different peoples who make up NYC. Nice job!

Thought these "yaya con dios" Vans from the Van's Vault were way cool. Never owned a pair of Vans... and don't really need new shoes right now... but maybe one day I'll sport a cool pair of slip-ons.

Another blog of note in my Google Reader is David Seah's - he's on a journey with his Printable CEO productivity tool. I've not used it yet... but intend to try it out soon.

Anyway... he participated in a cross-posting experiment with a chap called Jeff from Equivocality (another blog for Google Reader). I really appreciate the post and recommend you check it out... The main gist was...
Inspiration is everywhere. It’s true.

The difficult part is finding it.

Buy a camera

You’ll start to see the world in a different way. The positioning of objects in a composition. The play of light in a scene. The subject of focus in the foreground.

Never stop dreaming

Dreaming is what gives us hope. It lets us see things that never were, and helps us think outside of the box. Some of the best ideas come from unconventional dreams.

Step out of your comfort zone

You’ll learn things about yourself that you never knew. You’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses. By placing yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you’re forcing yourself to confront that which makes you uncomfortable. If you can grow from this, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish, and you’ll wonder what was ever holding you back.
Great post... I have to say catching Flickritis was a great way to increase my creativity... I am inspired everyday by my surroundings and try to capture my world with my K800i. I want to get a Lomo camera and take my photography to the next level. I love to dream dreams too... but I struggle at times with the implementation. Appreciated this post - thanks David & Jeff!

Anybody want to partake in a little cross-posting experimentation? Leave a comment... and we'll make it happen.

More inspiration from the NYPost on co-working...
Coworking Brooklyn doesn't have the trappings of a conventional office - there's no receptionist, no water cooler, no humming copiers or fax machines. The room is dominated by two old couches and a large table, where, on most days, four or five people sit with laptops. A dog and a cat wander between the working room and the adjoining art gallery, and an erudite collection of books, from Nabokov to Jung, fills the bookshelves lining the walls. Music is on all day (but if a particular song gets on your nerves, no one minds if you change it).
I love the idea of building communities like this... Nice. I'm going to explore this more on the Hardthought. Thanks to the co-working blog for the heads-up on this. ((another quality read))

The whole Fon thing has me pretty excited...
FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free. Our vision is WiFi everywhere made possible by the members of the Community, Foneros. We share some of our home Internet connection and get free access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide!
Could this be the answer for churches..? Imagine my Corps setting up a Fon router as a means of making some money... and/or attracting people to the space. Hmm???

That's me for a wee while... let me know if you fancy a wee cross-post experiment.

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Chris H said...

Fon looks pretty interesting. I'd heard about this a while back but never went for it... wish I had now because the routers are much more expensive than they used to be!


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