Sunday, June 10, 2007

Various bits and pieces from the 'tinterweb

Loving this journal from BBSaunders at Blanka - its numbered... one for every day of the year. I like the squares [I prefer them to lines] and the general quality of their product. Nice.

Leisa Reichelt's article on Ambient Intimacy is fascinating... and well written:
Ambient Intimacy is a term to describe that sense of connectedness that you get from participating in social tools online that allow you to feel as though you are maintaining and, perhaps in fact, increasing your closeness with people in your social network through the messages and content that you share online - be it photographs or text or information about upcoming travel.
I wave to chap who works near the Train Station in Motherwell... I know him through Flickr - its weird but cool... and something that will only grow in importance. Read up. Great article Leisa!

Been following Postopolis from afar and have to say their approach to a conference is one that I think can be learnt from.
Postopolis! is a five-day event of near-continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design. Four bloggers, from four different cities, will host a series of live discussions, interviews, slideshows, panels, talks, and other presentations, and fuse the informal energy and interdisciplinary approach of the architectural blogosphere with the immediacy of face to face interaction.
Something to think about... Something for the emerging expressions of church in Glasgow to learn from... in a Paul T Dreamday kind of thing.

Lastly, loving the latest Mixotic mix from In Vitro - its a beautiful collage of ambient soundscapes that includes a track from Des Slow And The Stop Pills from my fav netlabel Earth Monkey - well worth a listen.

My thanks to Monocle and Russell Davies for the various heads up... Thanks too to Simian Shaun for reminding me of Mixotic. Nice.

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