Sunday, June 17, 2007



IKEA are selling Kopparbergs non-alcoholic pear cider along with the alcoholic equivalent... and I have to say its nice. Great to see a brewer taking a mature approach to the market and creating a product for people, like me, who do not drink alcohol.

Cranberry & Orange

I'm not a big fan of soft drinks like Coke when out and about... its too "everyday" for me. I prefer something different like fresh orange and cranberry juice combos (see above - mine's not the Guiness) or red bull and cranberry juice (I love cranberry juice).

We need more options... and more ideas. What's your fav non-alcoholic drink / juice combo? Leave a comment... or maybe even a recipe.

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Paula said...

Half a glass of cranberry juice, a squirt of lime juice, and fill 'er up with club soda. It's tart, it's tasty, and very refreshing!

Or you could take fresh mint leaves, jam them into the bottom of the glass with a teaspoon of sugar (really jam them, mush them up with the sugar). Pour in anything you like, really, tea, soda, then strain into a glass with ice.

Or you could take a finger-length of fresh ginger, chop it into a cup of water, throw in one or two whole cloves, and put it on to boil. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes, then strain into a container and add a tablespoon of honey and a squirt of lemon, then cool. Add a bit of this to soda water, amounts up to you, and enjoy the gingery goodness.


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