Sunday, June 10, 2007


Bobby & Alec

Today was a great day... Bobby aka Bobbito (left) was enrolled as a Soldier in the Salvation Army tonight and the whole evening meeting followed by S*N*A*C was really powerful.

Alec, Bobby & Melvyn

The atmosphere was electric... a real sense of the Presence... and a feeling of unity. The music was brilliant... with Olly & Roscoe playing "All your anxiety" while Bobbito signed his Articles of War. Afterwards, a number of people knelt at the Mercy Seat in response.

S*N*A*C was then extended the mood with some fab songs from Olly, Caroline & Daniel; and then from BLOC. Alec aka Major Eck then brought the weekend together with a communion expression or Love Feast.

Tremendous experience. A blessing to be part of... and an honour to see Bobbito take this step in his journey. Bobbito is a rock to Olly and I... and someone we a glad to call a friend.

Thanks to Don for the pics.

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