Saturday, June 16, 2007

There is no more hip

"The idea I had is—forget about doing something subversive to the status quo, forget about trying to do something hip or underground. There is no more underground. There is no more hip. It's impossible to do it because everything is instantly out there. I wanted to do something that was an alternative, something personal."
Ian Schrager

I try to read as widely as I can... and one of the blogs I check out is Influx - its a fab read on design, branding, technology etc.

I found this quote to be really interesting... but not necessarily for the intended subject matter. Sure I've stayed in some fab hotels recently and gladly welcome more personalisation and individualisation in their design... Its great to know Ian Schrager will be working with the Marriott hotel chain.

Where my thoughts went were towards church... and the creation of events / experiences / touchpoints. Maybe its time to move away from being deliberately subversive and anti the norm... towards a more personal experience. An alternative, yes, but one that works on a different level. Something unique and individual... something personal.

Its not about trying to do something hip or trendy... or even underground per se. Its about values such as authenticity and individuality... the salad bowl approach where all the unique tastes and textures work together to make the meal. Where all the body of Christ is represented... and everyone can be participants and not passengers.

Thanks Mr Schrager!

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