Saturday, January 24, 2009

I don't know what to think about this...

What do you do when someone comes in... rips you off and totally recontextualises your initial idea? I know there is no such thing as an original idea but this just annoys me.

I am annoyed that the wee organic, word-of-mouth thing we have going in our small niche in the twitterverse has been co-opted by folks that are, imho, too busy speaking to listen... too busy broadcasting to actually hear what's going on... to actually build up meaningful relationships with diverse people.

Maybe I'm being too hard and over reacting (as I am prone to do) but I feel this shows a complete lack of regard or sensitivity to what we've done and where we could have gone with this.

Oh and I hate the use of textspeak in tweets too!!!

Ah well... it could be worse. It could be co-opted for commercial gain... I can imagine the originators of the flashmob will be beelin' at this:

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think this indicates one of the problems that Christianity suffers from. A few loud people can drown out the gentle goodness of others. I think the original #Twurch people will probably win through eventually, if they keep going long enough to out-last the new people. We'll see what happens...

Johnny said...

Are you "Tweeple's Front of Judea", or "Judean Tweeple's Front"? :-))))

Don't worry too much, Thomas.

Love all, serve all

Pax Christi

J :-)

Unknown said...

I agree with RobGT's comment the original #Twurch disciples will stay true to the message & lead by actions as well as words - I'm sure we will win through if that's part of the 'Big Plan'

Jonathan Blundell said...

im trying to think through my thoughts in response... (so bear with me)

i smiled last week when i saw Johnny's email that suggested you and i started/helped organize the "#twurch movement."

i've never really felt that either of us did. if i remember correctly it may have been trucker frank or theressa that initially suggested the term and it just took off from there as a very organic unstructured movement.

i think johnny was quick to point that out in his email as well - that it is a leaderless movement. no one controls the conversation no one has an agenda.

when i first saw the "#twurch group" info last week i ran a search and was amazed to suddenly see lots of new faces using the #twurch hashtag. looks like the started using it about six days ago.

i welcome anyone and everyone to come join the #twurch conversation and i'd hate to think that anyone or anyone had any "exclusivity" to the idea.

trucker frank and i were talking about the free range movement when we met last week and he made the point that anyone who tries to push an agenda of any sort is asked to chill. that there's not issues of who can be a pastor or not simply because there are no pastors, there are no leaders.

i think #twurch should be like that. if people are wanting to push an agenda of any sort -- other than that of the Kingdom of God i'd prefer they use another tag -- but otherwise i welcome anyone anyone and everyone with a generous orthodoxy.

does that make any sense? i feel like im rambling here... maybe im reading more into this as well.



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