Monday, January 19, 2009

Loving... "The Mercy Seat Sessions" by THE SINGING COMPANY

I have a soft spots for maverick-go-it-aloners and for all things independent... this is probably why I am as happy as a pig in poo to have in my grubby little paws the latest release by The Singing Company which is entitled The Mercy Seat Sessions.

As you know... I am not the biggest fan of worship music. I struggle connecting with it. Whilst I register the sentiment... I can't connect with the music. I think worship music... like certain forms of dance music (e.g. Housey beats) is contextual - it works in the moment... and when you are not in the moment or haven't experienced the music in the moment... it doesn't work.

The Singing Company, on the other hand, are hardcore!!! They are true mavericks... true independents... with this their full on BLOOD AND FIRE music. It is a full frontal aural assault. They want your ears AND your soul. They transform "classic" hymns with a uniquely inspired and powerful form of classic rock... with harmonicas and some awesome guitar work.

There is a real "wall of sound" thing going on... with a densely rich sound enhancing some amazing lyrics. The kind of lyrics we would dismiss as being "old hat" or "no longer relevant"... are brought to life... reborn with trumpets, piano, snare drums and the earnest vocals of Eric Himes or Kirsten Gorton. Just listen to "Behold the Lamb" and you'll get what I mean. Truly awesome.

This is the kind of band I can get behind in the Salvation Army. I'd be a "bando" if this is the music the band played every Sunday. Thing is... this isn't solely a Salvation Army thing... albeit... some of the visual "in jokes" may look... well... different. This is full on worship music for whole-of-lifers... regardless of who your Tribe is... if you even have one.

I am gutted that I never picked this album up sooner... it would have easily charted in my top ten albums of 2008. Its that good.

Please buy this album. Its a must-have record. Well... it is to Olly and I. Oh and the we'ans love it too.

Jonathan, Kirsten, Eric, Nate & Nate, and Jonathan... you all rawk!!!

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