Sunday, January 04, 2009

What's in your bag?

What's in my bag???

I'm getting ready for going back to work... and was wondering what other folk carry in their bags.

So yeah... this is what's in mine... although I doubt I'll be taking my camera & the gorrilapod to work.

What's in yours?

Notice anything missing from my bag??? My flippin' work pass... arrrghh!!! Ah well... the receptionist is cool.


Stewart said...

Here's mine:

I added it to a 'what's in your bag' group on flickr and it got 2000 views! What's that all about?

I've finsihed the book and replaced it with Jesus Wants to Save Christians Too by Rob Bell and I've added my new iPod nano.

Richard McKay said...

hehe reminds me of getting my school bag and pencil acse ready the night before returning to school after the holidays.

Johnny said...

In my North Face Borealis is….

A Christmas card from my brother-in-law’s parents

Moleskine 2009 Diary – day per page, red.

November/Dec 2008 copy of Ministry Today – Francis Chan cover

Copy of Trailrunner magazine “Race Issue 2009”

A lime green peg?

Tin pencil case with “MotionDive” logo

2 pencils – Plastic Papermate rotaries

A few Iboprofen in a crushed box

Book - “ReJesus” by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsh

Mars Hill “Learning Communities” flyer for “Winter – Spring 09”

Book - “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson

The Message, stuffed full of PostIt notes

Luggage sticker from a recent flight

A pack of “Stride” gum...unopened

Drivers Licence

Mia’s old Passport

A hotel pen from “Le Meridien”


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