Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Resolutions :: Develop my photography

I intend to develop my photography in 2009... its #14 of my 43things and part of this is to participate in the Project365 thing where I take one picture per day that represents a meaningful part of the day.

To this end... I have started a set in Flickr and intend to upload daily. I like the discipline of the Project... and hope to complete it. Only 361 days to go.

One other thing that I hope to do (#6 of my 43things) is to try and start a wee photography collective. The ideas is that we come together on a regular / semi-regular basis to talk shop and participate in a photo safari (kind of like the Photojojo ones). I see it as being an open gathering-with-cameras kind of thing... which should be fun.

The idea of the collective is to take great photos with some / all being available for reuse via a creative commons license. I want to encourage giving back to our communities and encourage the use of great imagery... especially in our faith communities (I'm not fond of some imagery used on powerpoint these days... needs a refresh imho).

So yeah... who is with me?

1 comment:

Mark said...

I could be interested in a photo safari so will look out for any future plans.


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