Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Its been a week since I got out of hospital... and I am only now feeling a little like myself.

This experience has been deeply humbling for me for a number of reasons... but the one I'd like to focus on for now is the practicality of love.

My wife is awesome... in so many ways... but this week she has demonstrated her love for me with her practical caregiving.

Don't get me wrong... Care is an essential part of any relationship and Olly has demonstrated her care before - she listens and advises... she slaps me down when I get too big for my boots or too "red-misty-eyed"... she puts me to bed when I exhaust myself.

I have been so humbled by her selflessness... she only started to let me do stuff yesterday, if you consider making a cuppa and helping clear up "stuff". She has been so attentive... keeping me fed & watered, clean & tidy, dressed (both wounds & clothes)... and well happy.

A working mother of two needs help... and she hasn't once moaned about me being unable to help out. She has even turned a blind eye to the wee table with my MacBook on it and the bag with all my stuff (books/headphones/iPod/cables etc) in the livingroom with me.

So yeah... thanks honey for everything you have done for me... and continue to do for me. Your practical demonstration of love is inspiring.


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