Monday, January 26, 2009

More wisdom from Bob...

Taken from News Roundup by Bob Lefsetz.

There is a real wisdom here... that can and should be taken and applied to pretty much all elements of our lives.

Bob talks about honesty, trust, value, and quality... as values essential in a relationship. In this case between the consumer and the producer... but I believe them to be values essential in all relationships.

When it comes to church and our expression of faith... I think Bob makes an extremely strong point.
/..The music business focuses on explosions. Arena shows are spectaculars. They’re like all those unusable features in Vista, or the craplets loaded on to a Dell machine. The purveyor says they’re added value, to the end user, they’re a headache../
We are all about seeking to be noticed... we demand attention (even though we don't deserve attention). We expect more and more... bigger and better... louder and grander. Thing is... this is all for us and not for the people we are seeking to attract! We are the producers who have loaded the "craplets" onto Dell machines... that no one has any use for.

When the music fades... when the event is over... what is left? The relationships we have built up. The sizzle has sizzles and the artifice has been pulled down... but the connections we have made... together... will last.

Truth is... I don't remember the sermon from the last time I gathered with my physical church... but I do remember the well-wishes. In fact I am surrounded by the relationships I have built up in the form of cards and the regular *ping* of tweets. I have been bowled over and seriously humbled by all I have received. This will encourage me to play a more significant role when I get back on my feet... because I know I am part of this greater whole.

So then... how should we seek to get attention? By deserving it... by living the values of trust, honesty, value and quality... by living authentic lives... by seeking to lift people up instead of weighing them down with the "craplets" that we add on.

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