Saturday, January 24, 2009

They remove the destructive feeling of lonliness...

I don't know whether or not you saw this tweet? I sent it from my iPhone at 1637hrs on the 21st... not long after I had regained consciousness from my op and was back in my wee room. I wrote it in response to a message on Facebook... a dear friend was surprised I was back on Facebook so soon after my op.

Whilst in the hospital I had the need to feel connected... to feel part of something bigger... to be surrounded by my loved ones - family and friends - and to be, essentially, not alone.

At times I wasn't physically alone... when Olly was visiting or when the nurses were in... but, for the most part, I was alone.

Psychologically, I didn't feel alone or at least I didn't feel the destructive despair that comes with lonliness... because I was able to connect... able to reach out to folks or respond to their love and best wishes.

So when you ask me why I twitter... or why there is a constant stream of consciousness on Facebook... or I always seem to have my face in my iPhone... I think you'll understand a wee bit more.

I'm not saying that this form of remote, passive intimacy can/should replace more immediate, physical forms of intimacy... but I am making a case for its importance and consideration in more holistic worldview.

Never underestimate the power of a simple "hi... how are you?" on whatever medium you choose... if it comes from the heart and you are prepared to follow it through.

So yeah... thanks for all the tweets, FB messages, phonecalls, SMS', visits, cards, emails etc... it does mean the world to me!

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Gurdonark said...

I think you're right--that social media can be a great supplement to "real life" interaction--not a substitute, a different thing altogether--but useful and good.


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