Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surfin' the 'tinterweb... so you don't have to #3

Hey... I know I should be reading or watching some TV... but this is fun.

My etsy find is this "WE" necklace. I love its simplicity and yets profound message. Its about the collective not the individual... and this can even be displayed on something so deeply individualistic as jewellery. Nice.

I have to admit to a certain voyeurism... I love watching people make stuff on I am completely useless at making the kind of stuff they make... but thought this article on installing Mac OSX onto a Netbook to be intriguing. Anyone want to spot me £300 and I'll give it a go? If you've got the money... I've got the time..! Anyone???

Next up is a video from Shepard Fairey on the art of beautiful mistakes (part of psfk's LA conference). He makes some excellent points including this one:
I think almost everything I’ve achieved has come from me perusing what I felt really strongly and passionately about and not second guessing my instincts and trying to have a level of authenticity.

My thanks to Gurdonark for giving me the heads-up to Isabella Gardner Museum and their classical music podcast. Some awesome live recordings all released with a Creative Commons licence to enable folks like me who'll probably never enjoy a live concert at the Museum to get something too. Nice touch folks. Oh and some of the podcasts feature the word "Baroque" which is word that gets my dad all geeky.

Keeping on the music tip... nyctaper has recorded the recent Animal Collective show at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom. Downloaded it but haven't listened to it as yet... haven't picked up Merriweather Post Pavillion and want to listen to the originals first.

Speaking of Manhattan... I really, really like this bag. Sorry... that just kind of came out. It is a nice bag.

Coming back to the AC tip... have a mix by Josh Deacon from Animal Collective. Its a fab 30 minute meander. Lovely.

Still on a music tip... DJ Earworm has a new mashup out that features Maroon 5. On his site he says...
I commend them on their spirit of experimentation, especially since they opened up their entire archive for me to interpret! I basically had the Pro Tools digital recording sessions for all their songs, so I could go in and grab whatever instrument or vocal I wanted. This is the first time I’ve gotten such a depth of data to work with.
I commend them too... and thank DJ Earworm for another supernice track.

The Global Hunger Epidemic from Oxfam America on Vimeo.

Speaking of commending musicians for their actions... I would like to commend Sigur Ros for donating their track Með suð í eyrum for OXFAM America's latest campaign. Please support OXFAM. I do.



J said...

I've got that particular model of netbook and I've been hacking around with the version of XP on it to give it a slightly Mac-like appearance from a third party dock tool.


Gurdonark said...

The "We" is great.

Can't help you with your Mac O/s, but you can also install Ubuntu, a Linux sytem, for free:

I haven't tried it yet, but there are tutorials everywhere.

The last time I bought Make Magazine, it had a very simple way to create a kaleidoscope with a pencil, a CD jewel case and some other easy items--it was the first thing I'd ever read there that I could have actually done.

But now I've found and the "make your flickr photo into a kaleidoscope" as well as and its "sandbox" photo effects, and I have set aside physical kaleids for a while! :)


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