Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I do what I do...

Just read a post on the most recent something beautiful podcast from my Twitter friend and blogger Gurdonark.

I recently featured his latest work :: Seven Virtues :: on the ol' nanolog and struck up a wee DM conversation. As you know, Gurdonark has given us permission to use his music for the podcast... well he check out what we have going on and has posted some very encouraging thoughts...

/..Personally, I'd rather listen to four young people tell me in a documentary fashion about their lives than to a world of more formal and doctrinal things. It doesn't matter that my theology might differ from theirs, or that we are all just frail reeds rather than experts or theologians../
This is why I do what I do... Thank you Gurdonark!

Please check out his thoughts [ here ]

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