Monday, January 12, 2009

I've got a big heid now!!!

Haw yoo... big heid!!!

Something strange has happened to my head this evening... Olly noticed it had swollen dramatically after I had read this ::
EP: ... Thomas has become a dear friend who has ALWAYSbeen loving and inclusive to me. We have never met in person
EP: YET! He is a lovely guy and also love his wife too. How did you 2 get connected?
JB: we “met” back in 05 or 06 through our blogs and found numerous common interests and just continued our friendship
EP: Cool! We met same way about 3 or 4 years ago. What a neat soul!
(EP = Existential Punk / JB = Jonathan Blundell)

Thanks guys!!!

This neat soul loves you both lots...

For their full discussion... go here.


Theresa Seeber said...

Let that heid of yours swell a little more now: I am honored to know you guys, and have Thomas to thank in part for holding my marriage together thru some rocky times in the recent past. I love you guys!

weareallghosts said...

Thanks for that Theresa... the swelling had gone down but... its growing again :-)

You are welcome... my gifting is to facilitate - I bring people together.

As for your marriage... focus on the things that unify and agree to disagree on stuff. Its healthy to disagree. We are not the Borg!!!



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