Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin is dead!

Just read a news release that says that Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter... is dead :: link

It is reported that he died of a sting from a stingray while he was filming an underwater documentary off Port Douglas.

Our thoughts are with Terri and his family at this time. Shame!


Laura Whispering said...

So sad :( i couldn't quite compute it properly when i heard this morning - it was as if he'd just died in a TV show, not in real life. Weird.

..his poor wife & kids.

Paula said...

Very sad, but not really a surprise. He did more dangerous things in his lifetime than my whole town has done in it's 100 year history, I'll bet. I'm not suggesting he should have lived any other way...he was obviously built for adventure! If he had stayed home and played safe, he may have lived to be 80, but he'd have been a miserable old coot.

Anonymous said...

This horrible tragedy breaks my heart.Steve you brought lots of smiles to my childrens faces and plenty of laughs.We love you Mate,and will dearly miss you,but we will never forget you.I thank God for the time you got to share with us all. Teri,Bindi,Bob,family and friends you all are in my thoughts and prayers,may God bless you all....


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