Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Olly 1
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I am a blessed man. I have a wife... a lover... a best mate... all in one great package :-)

Sure she hogs the iBook... makes more sense in her blog... is the creative one in our partnership... and always wants to listen to Steps in the car... but, hey... no one is perfect!

Olly... I love you! Thanks for being you... and letting me be me!


Anonymous said...

i HOPE one day i will meet Mr. Right that i connect with on every level, who gets me, i get him, and we allow each other to be ourselves. Not much luck and losing hope. Glad to see you have something wonderful in Olly and your relationship! All the best, EP

Jonathan Blundell said...

There's is nothing better than someone who gets you and lets you be you.

Anonymous said...

I do not listen to steps in the car!! It has been on but not for my benefit...Dayna & Miriam do like listening to them. They don't offend me in anyway...it's good fun music...but my taste in music goes a little deeper than that. What Thomas doesn't tell you all is that he secretly practises all the step moves and sings along to the music too!


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