Thursday, September 28, 2006

I like this :: Sony's MYLO

I like this... It's Sony's new toy :: ((MYLO)) aka My Life Online - its full of cool web toys for when you find an open wi-fi hotspot. Stuff like Skype... GoogleTalk... Yahoo IM... Windows Media Player (boo hiss)... Web browser (withut flash)... It looks like a fab wee toy.

Sony have made a bold entry into a new, emerging market... the whole wi-fi doohickey market. Way I see it... wi-fi is going to be all over soon enough... kind of like mobile phone coverage. And we'll pay something a month... if anything... to use it.

MYLO will capture the we'ans attention just now... they will use it at home on ma & pa's home wi-fi set up. They won't need a laptop or a costly mobile to keep connected... with their myspace posse. Just this wee toy... and wi-fi.

As the we'ans grow older... wi-fi will have better coverage... they will take their MYLO with them... out and about in the big, bad world.

Suddenly this becomes a huge toy. Its like a new blackberry... but with the potential to be way more addictive. Truly mobile blogging... IM'ing... and Skype'ing... Like it.

Watch for it... Thanks to Joi Ito for the heads up.

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