Saturday, September 16, 2006

//Saviour// Clothing

God FM

Its hard being a cool-hunting maven on the bleeding edge everyday... sometimes stuff gets missed. Thankfully my people up in Orkney, Matt B, picked up on this fab wee label :: //Saviour//clothing :: who are doing some sweet thoughtful designs...
Saviour’s vision was born out of many years of prayer and desire to see people of all ages being confident about who they are and what they are about. At the same time we wanted to be cutting edge, bold, fresh and real because that’s what we believe Jesus is about.
Not a big fan of anything labelled "Christian"... I tend to reject ghettos... but I like this!

PS Only joking about the cool-hunting maven on the bleeding edge... I have a mullet and wear Wrangler jeans... Hardly stylish... Yeee-Haaa!!!

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Anonymous said...

A mullet and lee jeans - OH BROTHER!!!! You will be in my prayers for these issues, Thomas!!! LOL!!!

weareallghosts said...

Thanks EP... but just to clarify... they are Wrangler jeans! Lee specifically asked their lawyers to request I cease and desist wearing their product. At least Wrangler aren't that fussy!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! Sorry, i got cornfused! I was so taken aback by your mullet that Lee came out instead of Wrangler - which IS worse, in my humble and honest opinion!!!!!! HeeHeeeeeHeeeHeee!!!! You ought to photoshop a mullet on your picture and put it up on your blog banner!!!!!

Laura Whispering said...

Good stuff. One of my mates has a t-shirt from here - they were selling a heap of them at Frenzy this year <3


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