Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Balance Centenary

I like New Balance trainers... I respect their design ethic and their approach to their product... product I don't own but like.

Anyway, thought this was superfab... To celebrate 100 years in the game... they've created 3 signature models for their longest serving employees. How cool is that? Its so anti sponsorship and endorsement and megamoney deals. Love it.

Here's the details...Three models are available in the collection::
* M577 Audrey, M670 Victor and M1500 Ian.
* 1906 pairs of each style worldwide.
* Certificate of Authenticity included.
* Assembled solely in the UK Flimby Factory situated in the Lake District.
* Footwear detailing includes a centenary woven tongue label with an illustration of the coastal view from the factory.
* Customised illustrated Centenary insole signed off by Victor, Audrey and Ian for each individual model.
They drop at ((Hanon-Shop)) on Saturday, 30th September @ 1230hrs... Set your iCal accordingly.

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