Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Of Man's Closest Relationships With Brands

PASADENA, CA—Three of the five deepest emotional investments of local resident Ken Bowman are currently Apple, American Apparel, and Starbucks, sources close to the 27-year-old graphic designer said Monday. "American Apparel makes a strong debut this year, surging ahead of [Bowman's girlfriend] Missy [Levenson], Diesel and Tom's Of Maine," Bowman's roommate and marketing consultant Dean Childers said. "Ken's mother is still a solid number five, but Skechers is down to the seventh spot from number two last year, a drop which may spell wider implications." Missing from this year's list were Roomba, Bowman's cat Pepsi, and Childers himself.
Roy, you are so right! This is way too close to home.

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Paula said...

So I'm doing fine then. I can't afford Apple anything, I went into an American Apparel shop and they actually had porn magazines on the wall so I decided I didn't need to shop there again, and I haven't darkened the door of a Starbucks since they began their world domination strategy.


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