Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Music :: Rodrigo Y Gabriela

One of my fav listening experiences recently is the wonderful self titled album by ((Rodrigo Y Gabriela)). I found out about them a while back from Aurgasm and just about died when I heard their John-Williams-on-Speed mutation of Spanish guitar music. As the review went on Aurgasm...
This worldly and adoringly cute couple emerged from Mexico's metal scene and now resides in Dublin, making music you'd expect from Argentina. Their trademark red-hot guitar technique and harmonies spark your attention, but the timeless songwriting holds you tight.
Kind of sums it up nicely. It is truly a fab album with an intense variety that fixates you on the music... RyG have a technical mastery that is amazing but not off-putting - this isn't navel-gazing virtousity... this is mastery as an expression of their soul... and its wonderful!

Well recommended!


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